A beautiful ritual I would love to share with you, I’ve called Seedling, and its the art of planting a seed and nurturing it day by day to, hopefully, watch it begin to bloom one day.

The idea for this, along with a visualisation meditation that will be shared within Module 2, actually came to me in a vision I was having when I was working too on connecting in with my feminine energy, and it’s one that I found to be beautifully metaphoric and aligned with the work that I was doing.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the beautiful plant story of the school children that had two plants in two separate rooms, one was where they could walk in and say negative things to it and the other they said loving things to it - and yep, you guessed it, the lovingly spoken to plant started to thrive whilst the other one slowly wilted away. We’re going to weave this with this ritual too, and on a piece of paper write down a mantra or an intention that you feel is best for you right now in relation to the version of yourself that you are becoming, or wanting to become. Something like a positive affirmation such as ‘I trust in my process’, or ‘today I choose to move with what moves me’ or, ‘I’m coming home’ (and the latter can be in reference to you returning to your higher self). Whatever it is, it really has to resonate with you, this doesn’t have to be shared in the group unless you would like to, but just let it be something that allows you to move forward with your day from that intentional space.

This gorgeous imagery of the seed is one that I love to offer to you to work with when starting to connect to the feminine creative force within us, especially as women. We have to firstly make sure our support system is in place around us (the pot), and then begin to create really fertile ground from which to sprout from (the soil), then with the right intention, nourishment and environment (sunlight, water, intention), and only then, we can begin to thrive.

Stabilise the base > Create Fertile Ground > Nourish > Thrive

That’s our method around here.

The Ritual

Once you have chosen your pot, plant of choice to nurture, and space in your home to work with it, write your intention down on a little piece of paper and prop it next to your plant. Each day the idea is to take a little time whilst you’re watering it to just repeat the mantra (and internally is beautiful, I’m sure if you’ve got other humans in your home that aren’t quite on the what I call ‘Ubud Hype’ yet, they may think you’ve lost the plot entirely if they see you whispering to your plant - if this is the case, blame me, or just continue like ‘you’re telling me you don’t talk to plants? You need to check in with your feminine energy right about now eye roll).

With your plants growth, you are literally creating your own growth visual in real time, and are able to truly watch something flourish - its hopefully then something that will remind you every time you see it in your home of your mantra and everything that you are becoming.

There is so much beauty in having life force within your home, and one thing I will offer at this point is to check in with your wifi signals - we all have so many household devices and I would offer that out to those of you that have issues with keep house plants thriving, ALWAYS check in with where you have located your plant pot - if it’s next to the wifi router that is most likely why.

Of course, if you’re pushed to find seedlings and all of the parts to go with it, you can absolutely choose an already-started baby plant instead to nurture and nourish and use the ritual in the same way.

I’d absolutely love to know how you get on with this and if you do feel called to share with each other in the group some plant / mantra inspiration that would be so beautiful.

Lots of love, Emma xoxo