Soul Full Book Club

How many of you can relate to purchasing stacks and stacks of books each year (or sticking them onto your kindle), but not really ever getting through them that quickly?

Likewise, maybe you prefer to download them as an audio and then listen whilst in the car or on the go (I’m actually a big advocate for this if it filters out what you’re listening and watching to those things that truly keep your vibes high and you inspired) - but this is the thing - it usually invites us to do something else whilst listening, and keeps up the stimulus when really curling up with a good book for 30 minutes should be a purely indulgent and relaxing exercise - I can 100% admit that there have been times I’ve tried to sit and read and really struggled with concentration - queue me delving much more into yin and stillness in my practise - think of your calm as a muscle you need to exercise, and exercise regularly!

This Book Club idea is created to give you a little more accountability to read to a) practise the art of stillness and get into a better routine before bed and b) to bring you all of the juicy learning and incredible knowledge that a good book will bring you and c) (bonus) it is a beautiful way to connect in with other Soul Sisters in this group.

How it will work is those of us that want to be a part of this, will be popped into a separate little group where we will start by creating a list of recommended reads (I’m thinking Goddess / Feminine Awakening / Self Love / Spirit Junkie vibes) and we will each pick the one we will either purchase (or maybe you add to the book pool one you’ve already read and have at home) - then we will create a little rota of who’s sending to who and where, and off it starts.

This does have to be UK soulies only, just to make it a little more simple.

If you’d like to join this - pop in your details here and I’ll add you to the list.