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Emma always showed up in an honest, open, welcoming and genuine manner and for that I was eternally thankful. The modules on the program led to discussions with women from around the world, a safe space to share and power in the knowledge you were not alone in your thinking. Emma incorporated healing techniques, Yin Yoga, meditations and interesting energy exercises. It was a powerful experience that has led me down a new path and for that I will always be grateful I was blessed with Emma in my life.
— Charlotte
Emma is a beautifully authentic soul, I have been on Emma’s Glastonbury retreat and several of her mentoring programs and have always felt truly inspired and nourished by the end of them.
— Alex
Emma has really dedicated her time to tailor this program to each of us as individuals as much as to us as a group. We had amazing group support and I certainly left the program feeling much more in tune with myself. Loved it!
— Anna

It is time to remember and awaken your magic.

I am so happy to open the doors again to my online community, Soul Full (3.0!!).

I am looking to work with and support a group of women who are ready to delve into their dreams and visions, who are looking for a deeper connection with themselves, and who are looking to create and cultivate some beautiful practises in their lives to offer nourishment, inspiration and self empowerment.

I am on a mission to connect humans to the part of themselves that they may have put on hold, the part of themselves that they may have even forgotten exists, or just the part of themselves that they know is there but are in search of some guidance to nurture it more.

For the next three months (starting on October 7th) I am wanting to guide you and facilitate an online space for women to support one another, share stories, share practises and workshops, all aimed to inspire and ignite your light.

I am so excited to welcome you here.

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3 month membership

connection, truth, yoga wisdom, sisterhood.